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Fill in your information and we’ll be happy to send you more details about Alive In You.

    How did you hear about Alive in You?

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    What’s the cost?2023-08-10T23:35:13+00:00

    $380 on/before November 1
    $400 on/before January 15
    $420 after January 15

    Register early and save! Registration date is determined by the date you fulfill your deposit. All groups are registered on a first come, first served basis. Additional participants can be added until the camp reaches capacity.

    Registration includes: Meals, lodging, Alive in You t-shirt and gift, guest speakers, musicians, liability insurance, conference costs, service costs, operational expenses.

    *Camps held at a college location are an extra $40 per person.

    What does our registration fee include?2016-10-27T22:38:04+00:00

    Your Alive in You registration fee includes all meals from Tuesday’s dinner through Sunday’s breakfast*, lodging, all programming (speakers, musicians, entertainment, etc.), and give-aways: t-shirt, backpack, water bottle, journal, and other goodies. The registration fee covers basically everything except transportation to and from the camp – you will also need to use your own transportation to get your work teams to/from their work locations.

    *Lunch is on your own on Saturday while you are exploring your host city with your group.

    How do we register for Alive in You?2022-09-08T03:41:30+00:00

    Online registration and a 25% deposit is required to register your group.  Registration is performed online here.

    Please note: The 25% deposit is taken out of the registration fee; it is not in addition to the registration fee

    What is the payment schedule?2022-09-08T03:42:30+00:00

    A 25% deposit is required within 14 days of registering your group.  After the deposit is paid, 50% of your remaining balance is due on or before March 1.  The final payment is due on or before April 15.

    What are the age requirements?2016-10-27T22:39:22+00:00

    Alive in You is open to young people who are entering the 8th-12th grades for the upcoming school year.  Young adults and adults are welcome too!

    What is the required chaperone to youth ratio?2016-10-27T22:39:38+00:00

    Alive in You requires 1 adult chaperone (21 and over) for every 6 youth participants

    How should our group prepare?2020-03-02T16:23:51+00:00

    Before coming to Alive in You, your youth minister will receive information on how to get your group ready for this amazing experience.

    Alive in You will stay in contact with your youth minister as you prepare for your trip. We will help monitor your progress and offer assistance with anything you need. Alive in You will also have a network of people praying for your group as you prepare to participate in this Christ centered experience.

    How do we get there?2016-10-27T22:41:27+00:00

    Groups travel to Alive in You in a variety of ways: personal vehicles, rental vans, charter bus, etc.  If you decide to come by plane, you will need to rent vehicles at the airport.

    How do we get to our work locations?2016-10-27T22:41:42+00:00

    You will use the vehicles that brought you to camp to transport you and your group to your work locations each day.

    Will our parish group stay together when we are at our work locations?2016-10-27T22:41:59+00:00

    Yes.  A main goal of Alive in You is to strengthen your parish community!  Therefore, work teams are formed from parish groups and the young people from your parish will work together.  However, if you would like to do service work with other parishes, we can create a large, multiple group work project for you and other parish groups.

    What kind of work projects will we do?2022-08-19T14:49:00+00:00

    Typical work may include: painting, simple building projects, landscaping, working at a food pantry or social service organization, working with community centers & day camps in economically disadvantaged areas, etc.  If you have a specific type of work that you would like your teens to do, please let us know and we will do our best to coordinate that for you.

    Does Alive in You have daily mass?2016-10-27T22:42:30+00:00

    Of course!

    What are the accommodations?2016-10-27T22:42:46+00:00

    Alive in You conference and service camps are held at schools, retreat facilities and universities.  Typically participants will sleep on air mattresses in school classrooms.

    What’s the refund policy?2022-09-08T03:44:32+00:00

    If an individual cancels, their 25% deposit can be applied to a new participant; however, the deposit cannot be applied to your remaining camp balance. If a youth group or individual cancels on or before April 15, registration fees (less the 25% deposit) will be applied to a camp in the future. The entire registration fee will be forfeited for cancellations after April 15.

    Should your camp be cancelled due to an unforeseen event or circumstance such as an outbreak or a natural disaster, registration fees will be reapplied to another camp (even if it is the following summer). We are sorry, but refunds will not be available as a result of an unforeseen event or circumstance.


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